Body Coach SSS 90 Day Plan, Week 1


Week one of The Body Coach SSS 90 Day Plan

The Body Coach plan I originally started back in August and for some reason fell of the band waggon in September so I was already well aware of the key principles when I started back up this week.

Firstly I can not stress enough with the Body Coach plan you need to be prepared. If your getting the supplements have them ready in advance. Prep what ever food you can for the week ahead and you are going to eat alot of green veg!

There are three cycles, a new one every four weeks. During cycle one I will be eating low carb meals, a meal with additional carbs is reserved for post workout only and I must addΒ these are the meals to look forward to!

I have enjoyed being given within the plan recipes to follow. It has made it much easier for meal planning for the week ahead. The meals are quite good also. The picture above is the Chicken Cashew curry, no rice as its a low Carb meal but you can easily become quite full and satisfied from this meal as the portion sizes are HUGE!!!

The type of workouts I have been completing are called HIIT sessions during this time you complete 30 seconds of high intensity exercise followed by 30 seconds of rest. This is repeated for 15 to 20 minutes. (but you will most likely need to work up to this) As always its extremely important to warm up and cool down which add on a maximum of 10 minutes to your workout. I managed to complete four of these this week, felt the burn after!

Week 1 of course is going to be hardest with the fitness aspect. I have felt bruised all over for half the week after attempting to do a HIIT session which included burpees and mountain climbers but I lasted a whole 8 minutes of this torture so I earned a well deserved (really?) legendary Build up Bagel. (BUB)

The first couple of days have been rather difficult for me as coming off sugar (everything is fresh and prepared at home.) I have felt tired and a bit cranky mid afternoon but keeping myself busy helped distract me until tea time. When desperate Ive had a Diet Coke for a fake sugar fix and plan on making some healthy sweet snacks for next week to help with cravings as there are no desserts included in the plan unless you count the Protein Pancakes and these are a post workout meal only.

But on a final note completing this week I’m feeling rather positive. I have fuelled my body well and hopefully been increasing my fitness levels for the better.

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You can find more information on The Body Coach Plan here. And if you have never seen the wonderful Joe Wicks before now you can thank me for introducing you in the comments bellow!!!!

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