When Gwen Stefani Lipsticks came along…….

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani wonderland

Urban Decay, Gwen Stefani

I have to admit I still a regular listener of the first solo album Gwen Stefani ever did “Bubble, Pop, Electric” and I have spent countless years dreaming of a LAMB bag (from the label she created about 10 years ago!) But what I’ve always had the biggest girl crush about is her look!

After years and years and a few more years she has finally introduced some great makeup in collaboration with Urban Decay. Which I have to say is another brand I dream of owning a room full of.

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani


The eyeshadow palette I was a little less drawn to as the colours are pretty neutral though not to say in the grand scheme of things I won’t get it at some point but the lips and blushers got be by the skin of the teeth and an investment was made.

Of the Lipstick range there are 8 shades when you include the online exclusives and all have a coordinating lipliners. 5 Shades of red, a pink, a nude and a purple shade all of course dreamy to look at.

Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Wonderland


I purchased the lipstick in the shade “Wonderland” I would describe it as a fuchsia red, full opaque coverage and whilst being rather moisturising still lasted hours including after a cup of coffee a sneaky slice of pizza.

When I look at the packaging which in it’s self is awesome it reminds me alot of the Sweet Escape music video Gwen did back in 2007. All the gold and geometric shapes, I can’t not be in love.

All in all the collection is nothing short of amazing, worth the wait and for a starter collection exactly what an Gwenette has been waiting for. I will be investing in another shade maybe the pink or maybe a couple more! I love the collection the only thing I feel needs adding is a black liner. When is Auntie Gwen without lashings of that?


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