A trip to Blink Brow Bar

Blink Brows Birmingham

The world and beyond are all over the power brow, Women will now not leave the house without their brows firmly in place. Girls everywhere own an eyebrow pencil, the Brow is now! So I decided to up my game and go for a full on experience at Blink Brow Bar in Selfridges Birmingham.

I’m no stranger to getting my Brows threaded but usually its a brief encounter with a lady who does not understand what I’m asking for and does what the hell she likes in the space of around 3 minutes. I left feeling a little abused and usually bleeding somewhere whilst trying to escape a busy shopping area eeekkk.

I decided to visit Blink Brow Bar Birmingham in Selfridges and it changed my brief encounter in Gracechurch Sutton Coldfield, to a full on experience.

First I was greeted by a lovely lady who took the time to ask what I wanted to do with my Brows, then went on to explain she will be leaving an area on my left brow to help even the shape out.

The threading was not rushed at all, there was minimal redness unlike my usual escape to the carpark post shopping I was able to carry browsing around the store.

When the threading is complete my therapist massaged the brow area into the hair and finished by pressing down on my shoulders. I was very impressed that this was done and the therapist went on to explain they also do massages as a standard service.

After applying aloe vera or Blinks much more attractively packaged version I was sent on my merry way. Of course I had to make a purchase before I left if only for review purposes right? I picked up the Brow pencil and Brow mascara which she matched me to. After using at home I quite like them but still doing a little more testing in that area.

Would you get your Brows threading in the name of fashion? Would you be prepared to spend £19 every 4 weeks to keep them in check or are you more of a wax or plucking girl?


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