Top 10 Products of 2015


Top 10 Products of 2015

A little later than some for my 2015 favourites but here they are. I have decided to only include items that were released in 2015 rather than every favourite I have or this list would go on for quite some time. Here’s my top 10 for 2015…


A great item released in 2015, Sunday Riley’s Luna. At £85 a pricy addition to my skincare. This sleeping night oil is a next generation retinoid that has really helped clear up any newer scarring from acne. Old scarring not so much but redness has dramatically faded since using this beautiful blue oil and has continued to keep my skin clear, pores tighter and reduce the little wrinkle ive started to develop in my forehead. (eeekkk) It also appears to be lasting forever. Im half way down my first bottle 6 months in after using 4 nights out of 7 weekly.


Urban Decay, Naked Smoky Palette. Released in mid 2015, this is a palette I was not really all that interested in when I was seeing press releases before it came out. However when seeing it n the flesh I was able to see its full potential. At first glance and in comparison to previous naked palettes this offering is indeed has its name suggests smoky and much darker shade range. Then stick you fist in the middle of it block out the centre shades and you have a fairly useful daytime palette also! The palette consists of an even mix of warm and cool colours. There are a fair amount of matte shimmer (uncanny like the naked basics which I already own and love) and there is also some shimmy and glittery numbers to add the sparkle for the dance floor. When going away this year this is the palette I took! I had both day and night looks in one handy palette! Also the packaging is beautiful!


Nars All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation. This was an impulse buy based on the review by Sali Hughes (here) with the claims she made I had to give this a whirl. Now I would say the shade range does not entirely match its other formulations and does oxides as the day goes on but it covers really well, lasts and has amazing coverage. When my tutor removed me makeup to do a tutorial at college she thought it was a BB cream as it was so fine and natural looking on the face.


Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed – Champagne Pop. The blogger loved highlighter created in collaboration with the lovely Jaclyn Hill. Its beautiful, the champagne shade warms the face and the shimmer does not sit in any creepiness in the face. I must admit I do buff it into the skin for more of a sheen and less of a chunky look.

Hair Care

Collab’s Extreme Volume – London. Now I loved the original and I love the sent but what draws me to keep repurchasing this is the volume it offers. Day 3 hair 08:00am locks are as flat as pancakes and no amount of brushing improves this. 08:05am Spray a little of this bad boy and YEAH! Look ive blow dried my hair upside down for the remainder of the day.

Fake Tan

St. Tropez Self Tan Express. Hate fake tanning, hate the smell, hate the time it takes. I could go on and on. But this 4 hours max, dont have to go to bed with it on and I dont stink like my nan’s biscuit tin, score!


Nails Inc – Pastel shades/ New Whites.  New improved formula, beautiful shade range, I must admit I did continue to wear this stunning shades beyond spring/summer.


Too Faced Hangover Primer. This little gem was purchased when Autumn came along and my skin type changed completely making it very dehydrated. This primer is very hydrating and slightly tacky on the skin helping foundation sick in place. It feels much more like a moisturiser in the initial texture and helps provide a dewy yet sparkle free face.


Urban Decay’s Naked Concealer. I headed to the Urban Decay counter for this concealer straight after it was released, I’m a big fan of the foundation (I can’t see how there is not more hype around that but hey) and have to say its worth 10 of my Nars Creamy Concealer. I have no little cracks that look ageing around my eyes and coverage is on par to its competitor.


Lisa Eldridge – Face Paint. Finally how could I not add this in. The makeup book I have waited all my life for! This book adds so much more depth to the cosmetics industry including the history, why we do it and icons that changed our perception of makeup and how we apply forever. I have completed the book and can happily say I regularly pick it up if only to look at the stunning imagery that is included.  I also like that is not in chronological order and anyone with an interest in makeup could pick it up and find it a beautiful read! Lisa Eldridge = Legend!!!!

So there’s my top 10 for 2015 whats yours?


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