The Joker, Suicide Squad

The Joker

Being a DC Comics dominated household, this years Suicide squad Movie was always going to be a winner. Bad guy looks are always at the top of the list for requests when it comes to men dressing up for Halloween. You are never going to find many guys looking for a spin on a fairy tale inspired creation. (Internally screams to have a bash at aRumple look!)

The brief.

This Joker is current a little less entertaining and a little more WTF a clown prince? Obvious scaring, a tattooed face and missing brows create questions for the audience that sparks a flowing. This Joker being a great look for a fearful halloween theme.

Previously Heath Ledgers take on the joker the look was worn in, messy, almost dirty filled with cracks and crevices, a master piece which received an Oscar nomination for its sheer brilliance.  The makeup artist creating Heaths look actually struggled to imperfect the face until he worked with Heath creating the final look for the camera.

The makeup artist given the task of creating a new joker for the Suicide Squad Movie was handed one Jarod Leto a month before filming commenced. At which point Jared was still sporting mermaid length hair and a beard. There was some serious work to be done! Alessandro Bertolatzzi created this Joker and there was a makeup department where only himself and the Joker were to enter. Its well publicised that Jared stayed in character even if cameras were not rolling. Jarod would silently enter the makeup department and during the process of his transformation become the character they were painting onto his face. Alessandro also studied the 1928 film “The man who smiled” whom the Joker was originally based on.

so the look.

The Makeup.

First I used a glue stick to block out as much brow as possible to layer makeup over the top. I applied a layer of Methron white paint with a Real Techniques Complexion Sponge over the entire face (avoiding the eye area) and over the ears and neck.

Next over the whole upper and lower lid I used a black gel liner by illamasqua. This gel has a lot more blendability than some others which would wear well and look better as time goes on. Over the liner I blended  MUG eyeshadow in Corrupt and around the edges I blended MUG eyeshadow in Coco Bear to make the socket look more sallow and sick.

Applying Grimas powder shadow in slate grey I created a heavily shadowed contour bellow the cheek bones, down the nose, under the jaw line and over the forehead to add additional sallowness to the skin.

Next it was time to add in the scars and tattooing. I again used the gel liner with a Zoeva Angled Fine Liner brush. Once applied i felt the scars needed something to separate themselves from the ink. I opted to use Coca Bear shadow over the scar and i fine line of white of the opposite side.

To complete the look apply a deep matte red was mixed with some of the gel liner. Adding the black ink will make the lip less glamorous and a little more “dirty”.

Finally some slick back hair and a can of green hair spray and your ready to go be a mix of romantic and crazy!

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