The Body Coach, Week 2 Snacking

Snacking, The Body Coach

Week two was a difficult week. The HIIT workouts are getting better and I knew some of the foods I liked from week one and the ones I didn’t to create this weeks food list but I did go out twice for food!! On the one occasion I just ate exactly what I wanted rather than think about the plan, but when remembering this is a lifestyle change as well as just a temporary plan I will eat out during life.

This week for me was all about shacking up snack time. I made some great balls, rediscovered pickled eggs (I can here the yacks now!) and even attempted a mug cake. I love something sweet on the evening when the kids go to bed so I saved my afternoon snack to be like my little evening treat with a diet coke.

I’m now completing the full 20 minutes of HIIT and I’m planning of leaving the house to do running HIIT in week three so ill have to watch this space for how I get on when ive always been a terrible jogger.

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