Spring/Summer Edit: The Berry Lip

The Berry Lip

The Berry Lip is a look that I instantly feel the depths of winter, warm clothing and a good look for a big festive night out. But a finishing touch before a BBQ or a visit to a beach I do not. This year is when this opinion is set to change.

All over the Catwalk for Spring/Summer 16 there has been the berry lip, Bold, Muted, Smudged into the lip you name it its been done. Β This moody, sophisticated, dark look is set to been seen everywhere during the warmer months this year and I for one will welcome it gladly.

You can say bye bye to those sticky nude glosses which end up with more hair stuck to them and hard work to remove from a glass when washing up. Say hello to matte formula lipsticks, deep shades and staining of the lips.

My favourite two berry lipsticks to wear are Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution lipstickΒ Glastenberry and Kiko’s Unlimited Stylo in Burgundy. Both of these are more berry than wine and suit my skin tone really well.

Preparation is the key to rocking the berry lip, the majority of formulations are matte and therefore drying to the skin. exfoliating with some nourishing lip balm and softly rubbing a cotton bud across it to remove any dead skin first. The apply another layer of lip balm and allow it to sit on the lips whilst you complete the rest of the makeup gives the lips time to absorb. Only then your lips will be ready to apply the Berry Lip!

I would suggest getting help with selecting your shade if you are not overly familiar with a berry lip believe it or not the shades can actually very quite a lot, they are not one shade suites all. Undertones are the main factor when selecting, someone with pink undertones should head more plum, wine or oxblood. Someone with more of a yellow undertone should be looking at burgundy, deep red or maroon.

I would also suggest if you use a lip liner to fill the lips rather than line the outer shape as if your lipstick fades quickly you will be left with a very dark line and not much else going on. If not just apply from the bullet and soften the edges with your finger, always a look I favour to prevent harsh lines against my paler complexion and make this look wearable in the day.

So now you know the colours and how to’s all thats left is to give it a whirl!

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