Sensationail Polish to Gel Starter Set Review

Sensationail Polish to Gel

I first spotted the Sensationail Polish to Gel Starter Kit when at my local boots in one of those well advertised sections and didn’t really think to much of it. When I got home later that night I decided to look up some reviews to see if it was any good and could not find any!!! So thought best I have a good and see what the fuss was about.Β 

Sensationail Polish to Gel


Now to be clear I’ve never had gel nails, I’ve never even had my nails done in a salon. I have always been one to pick up a polish because I like the shade or its in that season and any work carried out on the talons is sealed to the confides of my bedroom.

So the Sensational Polish to Gel Starter Kit was a first for me. In previous years I have seen other gel sets such as Sensationail’s standard set and Red Carpet Manicure both of which are for at home use but I have never been keen on the shade ranges so just saved myself a bit of money really.

Sensationail Polish to Gel


Sensationail Polish to Gel Starter Set Contents….

  • The LED lamp, (with both USB and AC adaptors)
  • Gel cleanser,
  • Gel primer,
  • Polish to gel transformer,
  • 12 lint free wipes,
  • A mixing pot
  • And a double sided buffer/file.

Sensationail Polish to Gel


The instructions were fairly easy to follow, there are two options first you can either make the polish completely gel or just apply the gel on its own as a top coat to set it in place. I decided to go down the mixing route to give a true reflection of what the kit is capable of.

  • First I was to clean and buff/file the nail also using a lint free wipe,
  • Next apply the gel primer,
  • Then mix the formula equal parts polish to Gel Transformer in the little mixing pot. (I did 10 drops of each was a bit to much the instructions advise 6 but I didn’t want to mix repeated batches so took the risk.)
  • After mixing I applied the first coat with my nail polish brush then placed under the LED lamp for 30 seconds.(the light comes on automatically when you place your fingers under there and turns off alone after 30 secs)
  • Next I repeated with a second coat and 30 seconds under the lamp again. (I should add if you get the gel on your skin when it goes under the lamp it feels like its burning your skin!)
  • Then I applied polish to gel transformer alone and cured for another 15 secs under the lamp. (you get a little blink of the lamp 15 secs in so you know your done)
  • Finally I applied the Gel Cleanser with the lint free wipe and I was ready to roll!!!


Sensationail Polish to Gel


The whole process must of set me back 15 minutes maximum and when you think about applying nail varnish, waiting for it to set and applying multiple coats I bet I’m not that far off that time for it to only be chipped when opening a can of coke!

Since using the Sensationail Polish to Gel setΒ one week ago I’ve done umpty loads of washing up, cleaning, scrubbing, applying latex for prothetic’s (which would usually rip any polish im wearing straight off!) Been bowling and all the other fun things a mum of two gets up to! After all that I still see a high shine, chip free look! I have to say for an at home kit for a novice I am pretty impressed, for me a major selling point is that I can use my own varnish. (for Paul its that there is an LED lamp with a magnetic base, ow gadgets!!!)

I’m sure I will get much use out of this and its great you can easily get replacement items at boots. I’m going to have a crack with the toe nails next, that will be interesting!

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