Saturday Night Clutch Bag

Clutch Bag

It’s Saturday night you have spent a good three hours plus getting ready then you hear the distant shout “Taxi’s here!” What do you grab for your evening?

As a mother date nights come a hell of a lot less often that my pre-child days. The time to get ready has also been completely invaded by daughters trying on your lipsticks and digging on the wrong end of an eyeshadow brush into a palette.

But what about when you are all ready to go and have not put anything together for the “what if’s?” of the night.

There are the standard items you want to grab out of your handbag. Bank card, some cash, keys and phone. But then what? Here’s my low down.

If your going out for a meal and a drink unless you have access to the ever lasting lipstick (coincidentally manufactured in the same factory as the ever lasting gobstopper) don’t wear dark shades of lipstick opt for a neutral hue and throw it in the clutch once applied for reapplication mid evening.

A mini eyelash glue, now I don’t tend to wear eyelashes myself when I go on a night out (not my bag) but if you do and you plan on getting you grove on on the dance floor (read, sweaty) you are mostly likely going to need to do some eyelash maintenance at some point in the night or they are going to wind up stuck on the mirror the the ladies.

Powder, pressed with a mirror incase there is not much room around the sinks or the lighting is better by the door.

Concealer, oily skinned gals will know within the hour the chin is exposed as if you completely missed it when applying foundation and what the hell has just started to erupt before the dessert menu has been shown?

A bobble, if you do get your grove on (again read, sweaty) you may want to scrape your hair off your neck and crack on with your epic moves.

Tissues, for many reasons mainly that toilet you have just done your business in and then notice their is no loo roll!

Finally plasters for those shoes you are going to hate by the end of the evening!

Do you have an organised clutch bag? And be honest how often does it make it home?

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