Removing Gel Nails

Remove Gel Sensationail

After my post on my first ever application of gel nails I felt it only right to do a follow up. How did they finish? And also removing gel nails, they are much more fiddly than application of the Gel! 12 day nails

12 days in!! I have to remove for college but only real chips were where I went over onto the skin on my right hand and my index finger on my left hand.

I decided I would buy what I needed from the same brand as my original gel nails kit as had been so impressed with the results. It was only when reading the directions I discovered it was not going to be so easy to remove the polish as I’d first thought. I got the things I needed together and got craking on removal.

Firstly I will say it took me more time to remove than to apply the gel. The remover requires 15 minutes on the nails and as it was the middle of the day with a little one running around I rightly guessed one hand at a time would be best.

Removing Gel

What I used

It was a pretty easy (orthough fiddly) process. I cut the cotton wool into quarters and foil into retangles that would wrap well around the nail. Once prepped I filed the top layer of the gel off to allow the remover to penetrate through.

Removing Gel 1 File


Next I applied the remover to the cotton wool, placed over the nail and then secured the foil around the nail to keep the heat in and reduce moisture loss from the remover.



Once I’d waited 15 minutes I removed the foil and was left with this…..


Yeah wrinkly fingers!!!

The gel was soft and very easily removed with the Sensational removal tool. I applied a layer of nail strengther after just for good measure. The process is a little drying but over all didn’t see any damage to my nails.

A final not is its a lot more fun to apply than to remove the nails but over all was impressed with the results! Again I have to recommend one hand at a time unless this is done at complete leasuire. 15 minutes feels a lot longer when you have a little one needing the toilet!!



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