Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Gel and Brush Cleansing Palette Review.

Real Techniques Cleansing

Last week I gave a lovely reminder of cleaning your makeup brushes and this week I have a review of the new cleansing products on the market by Real Techniques. The Real Techniques Deep Cleansing Team!!

Firstly I should inform you the Real Techniques Cleansing Palette is not officially out until February however I was able to pick up from Superdrug last week with the cleanser.

RT Gel Cleanser

Now the Gel its self is no biggie. When one of the best products you can use to clean brushes is baby shampoo this product does indeed appear mild enough on my brushes and yet tough enough that it removes oil based, pigments and stubborn foundation. It’s quite thick in texture so you can easily squeeze out to much product however if you are placing directly into the palette this can be used for more than one brush.

The palette I would say is very useful. Its compact enough that I can carry with my kit and being able to slip it over your hand makes for secure grip.

RT Cleansing Palette


Previously I was using a Soap and Glory hand mitt for this exact purpose but one of the issues I had was the size of the lumps. Great for my larger brushes but for smaller brushes and fine liners was not the best and difficult to use. This cleansing palette has different sized lumps and bumps making it a much better product and fit for purpose so I would recommend to anyone who regularly needs to deep cleanse their brushes like myself.

RT Deep Cleansing

Cleansing palettes are growing increasingly popular in the cosmetic industry this is the 4th company I’ve seen release one of these tools and I would have to agree they do make for more affective cleansing and removal of stubborn marks.

The Gel you can get now at Boots HERE. However its worth a look in your local Superdrug for the Cleansing Palette, I’m pretty sure the stock is being put out as its received and it cost £12.99.


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