May Favourites 2016


Things got intense this month I’m talking work coming out my ears and kids to keep entertained. I’ve also jumped back on the eat better band wagon. Yet may has been a wonderful fast paced roller coaster they I was not overly keen to get off. This month has some good favourites that will take me into the summer months nicely!


During May I had my birthday and I really can’t go any further without mentioning my Alice Through the Looking Glass palette. Its beautiful and a daily wear from the moment I received it.

Also this month you will find two items which are water melon themed, I’ve fallen hard for anything watermelon related during the month of may! There is also a pair of pyjamas from Primark that I now own and the matching umbrella to the beach bag you can find sporting in the picture. What I really like about this sunny inducing find is thats is transparent nothing gets lost in this big slice of fruit. It zips up narrow at the top and opens out wider at the bottom so when you have it filled it looks slice shaped also.

The necklace is Orelia, its very dainty and easy to wear to make an outfit less serious. It has swiftly become one of my favourites! You can find it on their site HERE.

Next a blogger favourite this month the Body shops Pinita Colada range. The scrub is my favourite part of the collection, I purchased the scrub, shower gel and butter when it was on an offer for the three items for £20. From what I have heard it’s limited edition so I’d pop into your local body shop soon if only to give it a good whiff!

We saw a good couple of days of sun during may so I’d thought Id throw in my latest sun glasses from Topshop. They really suit my face shape and work well on my little pea head so a win for me!

A product I’ve previously done a review on Essie’s nail polish in “Sunshine State of Mind” its been on my fingers whenever I’m not in college. Its stunning as I’ve raved about and even better when I mix it with my gel kit to create a longer lasting finish.

Couple of makeup pieces to add to this months favourites,Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary Lashes, this is the best mascara I’ve purchased in some time. I’ve worn this daily from the day it came out and I am really impressed with the formulation.

Finally  L’oreals Lumi Cushion in 04. I’ve been really impressed with the formula of this product. It has light to medium coverage yet feels as you apply that it is adhering to the skin (but not in a sticky after application feel) I brought at boots when I spotted them for £9.99 instead of £14.99. I’ll most likely do a more in-depth review on this foundation as its the first cushion I’ve tried that I’ve really thought the formula brings it and it’s a highstreet brand!

Well now into June, June please be kind!



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