Garnier Moisture Bomb Review

Garnier moisture Bomb

An interesting new addition to the Garnier family, the Garnier Moisture Bomb night cream and day cream. Targeted at dehydrated skin this is a product that for the price point I thought would be well worth having a go with and see if it really does help combat dehydration.Firstly many readers would already be aware and yet many previous reviews have not seemed to understood that to be dehydrated does not necessarily mean to have “dry” skin.

You can be oily, combination, sensitive and yet still dehydrated as hydration is less of a skin type but more of a skin condition. If you are not having enough intake of water. (are any of us?) This can have a major impact on the skin and even more so as we age with the skin finding it more difficult to hold onto moisture within the body. A great exclamation for this can be found on the almighty Oracle that is Caroline Hiron’s website HERE

The Day Cream

I will begin here by stating my skin is extremely dehydrated. I find it is improved with summer months but during the winter my face eats my makeup and any moisturiser  is applied twice before bed as I honestly cant tell whether I’ve applied the first layer.

The Garnier Moisture Bomb day cream is surprisingly richer than its night counter part yet absorbs nicely leaving my skin feeling comfortable and fresh. It has no tacky finish yet I find also works well as a hydrating primer for my makeup. This cream has SPF10 in it as well as two antioxidants to help protect against both UVA and UVB rays, great for the warmer months ahead.

I do find my dehydration lines  improve when using this moisturiser during the day but by late evening when I remove my makeup they have returned and are ready for something a little more to pack a punch.

The Night Cream

The Garnier Moisture Bomb night cream is extremely different to its day counterpart. This formula is much lighter in texture and feels like your rubbing water into the skin.  As I mentioned earlier I apply this twice once around 8ish when I remove my makeup and cleanse, and then once when I get into bed. My skin feels nicely plump, fresh and happy in the morning. My skin is lapping this formula up!

Now this formula claims to penetrate up to 10 layers of skin. Extremely debatable with my knowledge of the layers of the Epidermis, Dermas and hypodermas. Yet none the less this moisturiser has lived up to its claims for my skin.

Many people have also stated they are not overly keen on the packaging yet I quite like the colour it represents water. It works of the advertising and also makes for a good looking dupe of the much more expensive Bliss Moisture Quench!


If you are interested in trying this collection, you can find the Garnier Moisture Bomb moisturisers HERE at Superdrug and HERE at Boots.



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