Evil Queen Regina OUAT Halloween look.

Evil Queen Regina OUAT

The Evil Queen Regina from Once Upon a time is by far my favourite character. At the very least if your not keen on her fiery temper you have got to have some respect for her persistent use of apples, making Storybrooke a healthier place. Or well rested in the case of Snow White. Her looks both in Storybrooke and the fairy tale realm are both inspiring and on point! This woman could easily attend the October shoot for Vogue and have every look covered for a halloween special edition!

With five seasons of OUAT there are many looks that I could of choose from, I narrowed down to when she is dressed in either navy or red gothic. Pretty fitting for a Halloween vibe and both powerful looks.

The outfit is something that is easily purchasable as the majority of Vampire Costumes fall under the gothic category. Β When I decided to do a Red inspired look it was pretty easy to locate a red costume at a local supermarket who can I just add are really starting to embrace Halloween and the sprit of dressing up for only one night a year! My local Asda store had over two isles with costumes for all ages and anything from wigs to blood capsulesΒ to go with your chosen look.

I also chose to wear a wig for this look, I currently still have blonde hair and I really love Regina’s hair when she has it long or styled with a sharp pinned back look. I purchased a fairly cheap black wig so styled into a back combed side bun ready for when I wanted to wear it.


Evil Queen Regina

The makeup is where I could really bring out the evil, Regina always has striking eyes and a strong lip when dressed as the Evil Queen. The skin I kept a porcelain shade as she has some colour to it. A full coverage foundation was used as there is never an imperfection on this woman. A sharper contour was created using Illamasqua cream pigment in Hollow around the entire outline of the face and under the cheek bones. Here I used a Mac 217 brush to keep the look sharp and precise really blending well for a seamless finish.

The eyes were created using Mac Carbon around the outer and crease area also taking bellow on the lower lash line. Next mixing Illamasqua’s pigment in Berber with the brands sealing gel, I applied this strong bold red from the inner corner to the centre of the eye again placing a small amount on the lower lash line from the inner to centre of the eye. I used a flat concealer brush to press the pigment in and layer another layer of the pigment loose this time over the pigment mixture for depth. After that I went all out with Gel liner in both upper and lower lashes with an extended flick. I also used Charlotte Tilbury’s Legendary lashes to really add volume over length.

Brows I just filled in any sparse areas with a Blink Brow Pencil in Indian Chocolate and set in place with Cinnamon Spice Brow Gel.

For the lips there was only one shade of lipstick I was going to look for. MACs Ruby Woo.Β I used the matching lipliner and gloss to add depth and a sharper look to the edges of the mouth.

Finally what look would be complete without some kickass lashes. For this look I applied Ardell’s new press on wispies lashes which I’ve got to add are Awesome! For anyone who hates the faf of applying glue waiting and trying to apply without dropping or bending along the way. Please give this a go, The lashes are pre glued with an applicator that helps selecting and applying the lashes correctly every time. A game changer!!!

After all that makeup application its time to find your reddest apple and crack on with some evil deeds!



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