Essie’s Spring Collection. Sunshine State of Mind

Sunshine State of Mind

I pondered with the idea of typing this review when thinking about a single shade of nail varnish. What information I could bring to the blogging universe that will provide an informed opinion of Essie’s Sunshine State of Mind? Well I can tell you this much it is my shade of choice for this spring/summer.

This bright warm colour was first spotted at Rebecca Minkoff’s show in New Yorks Fashion week on my wedding anniversary none the less and you just know thats the sign to make an investment in a product.Β (Am i Right?)

At the show “Sunshine State of Mind” was teamed up with “High Class Affair” and “Lounge Lover” Both shades also from the new collection and looked pretty chic in my eyes.

Essie Sunshine State of Mind


This colour flirts with summer, yet is soft enough to apply a couple of layers during spring months. The shade is an orange leaning over towards a coral/pink tone which is what gives it such a flattering appearance on the nails. A bold orange would need to be brought out in summer months this however does not have to wait for those couple of weeks us Brits get with the sun.

As Essie always does with formula it brings it, a base coat (and in my case a forgotten top coat) and I last a good 3 days with this nail varnish. Which for a mother with a house to run and no rubber gloves in site for those pesky chores does pretty well!

I thought I was going to be more with the blue shades this year had been looking around for a good Cobalt Blue but Sunshine State of Mind took my heart and I’m not afraid to admit it so early on the the season!

Also with the summer months coming the shade name really speaks volumes if you can’t get to the Sunshine you can alwaysΒ try being in that state of mind.

You can find this shade and the rest of Essie’s spring collection HERE.


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