The Joker, Suicide Squad

The Joker

Being a DC Comics dominated household, this years Suicide squad Movie was always going to be a winner. Bad guy looks are always at the top of the list for requests when it comes to men dressing up for Halloween. You are never going to find many guys looking for a spin on a fairy tale inspired creation. (Internally screams to have a bash at aRumple look!)

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Evil Queen Regina OUAT Halloween look.

Evil Queen Regina OUAT

The Evil Queen Regina from Once Upon a time is by far my favourite character. At the very least if your not keen on her fiery temper you have got to have some respect for her persistent use of apples, making Storybrooke a healthier place. Or well rested in the case of Snow White. Her looks both in Storybrooke and the fairy tale realm are both inspiring and on point! This woman could easily attend the October shoot for Vogue and have every look covered for a halloween special edition!

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May Favourites 2016


Things got intense this month I’m talking work coming out my ears and kids to keep entertained. I’ve also jumped back on the eat better band wagon. Yet may has been a wonderful fast paced roller coaster they I was not overly keen to get off. This month has some good favourites that will take me into the summer months nicely!


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Birchbox comes to Birmingham….

Birchbox Birmingham

Birchbox is one of the monthly subscription boxes I return to time after time. The have products that I’m interested in and collaborations that keep the brand current and relevant to the UKs beauty market. So it was no surprise when I heard that birch box was coming to birmingham that I’d have to pop in and see what it was all about!


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