May Favourites 2016


Things got intense this month I’m talking work coming out my ears and kids to keep entertained. I’ve also jumped back on the eat better band wagon. Yet may has been a wonderful fast paced roller coaster they I was not overly keen to get off. This month has some good favourites that will take me into the summer months nicely!


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Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint

Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint

I have put of and delayed this review in fear I was judging this new formula to soon. I’ve read so many hyped reviews and great opinions of this product and just could not get on with it. After a couple of weeks I decided it was not for me and put it to one side. But after picking it back up again I now have a more informed opinion of the Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint.

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March Favourites 2016

March favourites

March has been another month to just fly by up in Frazer Manor. I have no idea where the time has gone but this month I have had a couple (read – thousands!) of favourites I’ve wanted to share with you. Read on to find out what my March Favourites were……..

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February Favourites 2016

Febuary Favorites 2016

February has been an extremely fast month in the Frazer household even with the extra day. The build up of college work, kids half term and our wedding anniversary/valentines have resulted in a busy month with not much time to explore the world of beauty as much as I would of liked to. Never the less here’s a round up of what I’ve been loving this month in my February Favourites 2016.

First up a new mascara collection from Revlon. The catching advertising of “The One” was quite a good sell as new mascara’s are getting more and more complicated with the name and use these days. I’m rather fond of the new packaging and the different choices you can pick when looking to try out a new mascara. My two personal favourites have been ultra volume in waterproof and volume and length.  The waterproof formula of the volume mascara was very easily removed with Bioderma which was impressive and really held its curl throughout the day I also forgot I was wearing waterproof mascara on a number of occasions. I tend to be able to generally feel additional weight when wearing waterproof mascara I also find the formulas quite sticky or tacky like they have never fully set. This on the other hand had neither of these issues score!

Next an eye mask, February was also the month of illness so this beauty from Soap and Glory not only blocks out the light but there is also a gel insert that can be chilled. Was great to relive pressure around the eyes cold and warm on the forehead for headaches.

Its been a bit of a spotty month so I’ve regularly sort comfort in this mask, Avon’s Clear Pore Penetrating Mask. I’ve been a fan of this for about a year. I’ve never believed you should pay through the nose for a clay mask. The main ingredient (Clay) which really great for oily/clogged skin is extremely cheap and so many companies charge extortionate prices for what effectively is identical. I love that this mask goes on quite gel like and goes from black to grey when ready. What I love doing is leaving it on that little bit longer to see the darker spots reappear on my face which is the grub and oil coming out of my skin. Yucky but so satisfying! The which Hazel also feels extremely cooling on those more angry beasts around the jaw.

Rimmel’s new lipstick line “The Only One” (feel a trend here this month) has been a great new addition to the lipstick collection. I purchased Its a keeper, Naughty Nude and Call me Crazy. I also purchased the matching lip liner for two of them which I have found to be both lasting and moisturising throughout the day. These shades are beautiful! I’ve come across a video that Glamour Magazine and Pixiwoo created here showing the shades on HERE.

Finally I got my hands on the Real Techniques Sculpting brush. I’ve been using it more for foundation over sculpting the skin. the shape is perfect for applying cream product all over the face. The bristles are densely packed helping achieve a fuller coverage and seamless base. #loveit!




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