Blog on Sunday Issue 7.

Blog on Sunday 7

The highlights of my week all wrapped up into one little post to sum up my week. The Blog on Sunday reveals a great week it has been, from Kara’s 4th birthday to a show at college completing a final piece on my course.


On Monday it was my little angels birthday, as daddy and Ethan were at school and work myself and Kara decided it would only be right if we went to a theme park. I have to say I’m pretty proud of our little girl, she barely took a breath before heading for ride after ride. “Kara the Thomas Land Junkie”

This week I have been putting together some posts ready for the next week, finally a review on the Nars Skin Tint which my opinion has been very up and down about. But more on that on Tuesday. Also Essie’s “Sunshine State of Mind” from this years collection has been on my nails when ever I’ve not been in college. I can feel its going to be a very orange summer for me if my current wardrobe is anything to go by.

Thursday saw a final piece submitted for my course at college. The theme was Carnival so I went all out with Pink, Orange and Yellow to create a bright Hula Hair Barbie look. I’ve placed a couple of images in my portfolio for anyone interested in the final look. I have to say I quite enjoyed making the costume, was a little shorter than planned however looking over images for carnivals really don’t leave much to the imagination so I can say it worked on my wonderful model!!!

Finally I have to talk about the current Snapchat filters that are popping up at the moment, I love them!!! Especially this strawberry one. Its not only me either the kids are hooked too!!!  If I could create my own I would make a Mad Hatter one. Awesome!!!

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