Blog on Sunday, Issue 6

A very Happy Easter to everyone! Today will be filled with chocolate and Turkey in the Frazer household, I can sense a bank holiday cleanout after today. In the coming weeks I’ll be back up and running much better with the blog as I’m in the process of replacing my computer and its taking some time.

Over the past couple of weeks I’ve been really naughty and used Sunbeds. So I’m now on the look for any cream/magic potion that will help extend the life of my golden glow. Any suggestions would be greatfully appreciated.

With the clock’s going forward an hour today my lost hour is the one in which I would of completed any chore’s so I cant complain really. It’s going to be a wonderful couple of weeks ahead with the children being off for the holiday’s and the weather being to show signs of spring, warmth, and sunshine.

I am also currently undergoing a clothing switch in switch out system on the wardrobe to welcome the weather. I’m considering creating a capsule wardrobe for this summer. I have always been the kind of girl to see it, like it, buy it but this really does not help create outfits that work with one and

I’ve spent the best part of the week creating paper macheΒ  eggs for the kids Easter bonnets and completely ignored the fact I was supplied with four assignments to complete over the holiday so hopefully between keeping the kids entertained and getting some much needed blogging done I’ll get at least 50% of these complete in the next two weeks.

Finally I’ve been trailing out a few new bits and bobs which I’m hoping will be up on the blog next week. I better get cracking then hadn’t I.

Wish me luck!

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