Blog on Sunday, Issue 5

Blog on Sunday Issue 5

A hectic week with the kids back at school and me back to college this week. Here is my round up of what I’ve been up to and what you could be seeing in the week ahead.I’ve been  trying very hard this week to eat better and if my Instagram is anything to go by there has been much improvement. My only down day was Friday but this may have to become a cheat day with it filled of children and college so I wont complain at that!

Along with the food I’ve upped the anty with my workouts and I have spent 6 days out of seven noticing muscles I never knew I had. Feeling thankful for BCAAs today and a local park so I don’t have to look at the same four walls.

Yesterday we had a family day out to Merry Hell (it’s Merry Hill but with two young children who are both to old for a buggy the name is swiftly understood!) I popped into Primark and only came out with some of their own makeup line (SHOCKED!) I’ve had a little play and the lipstick is defiantly a win but more on that next week. On these travels I also came across Felicity from Arrow as a Pop Vinyl, she is everything I need to add to my girls which kick ass collection of Pops!

Finally in the picture my current PJ’s and what I have every intention of spending the entirety of my Sunday in. I’m loving these from the new Spring Range at M and S. They are sooooo comfortable. Wondering if I hint enough the matching dressing gown will appear on Mothers Day?




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