Blog on Sunday, Issue 4

Blog on Sunday Issue 4

So we have made it to The Blog on Sunday Issue 4 and illness has hit the Frazer house hold so my weekly round up has been greatly reduced this week but there are still a bundle of great times…..

This week has seen mine and Pauls sixth wedding anniversary, at the time I was man flu level of illness so being the gent that he is Paul brought the restaurant to me with a M and S Valentines meal. The kids have been off for half term so we have taken them bowling for the first time ever!!! They loved it! Ethan more than Kara which was surprising but very happy about none the less.

I had a bash at turning Paul into Deadpool on a budget that can also easily be replicated at home so you will be seeing that pop up around these parts next week! When creating this look the kids were running around and I was very short of time yet they didn’t bat a eyelid at the finished results, improvement maybe?

I managed to dye my hair the whitest I’ve been able yet and its all thanks to a Bleach London White Toner Kit. Online they are Β£7 but in my local Boots it was only Β£1.79!!! so could be worth scoping out it your interested in going from golden Β blonde to white/platinum.

I’m also absolutely itching for spring to come, the brighter lighter days and rediscovery of my love for minty nail varnish has made my want it even more. Only a month to go and the fake tan, exfoliator and shorts will be found from the deep, dark and dusty places they are hiding away in.

Finally school starts back tomorrow and yet I may put the lego movie on just one more time to maybe finally get to see it start to finish! Hearing Chris Pratt’s voice is enough for me!!!


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