Alice Through the Looking Glass Collection

Alice Through the Looking Glass

I don’t know about you but I’m really excited for Tim Burton’s next installment of the Adventures of Alice In Wonderland! I loved the last one so I had high hopes for Alice Through the Looking Glass. But lets not stray to far away from this beautiful collection created by Urban Decay.

I was a very lucky girl to receive a selection of the collection for my birthday, I was so happy I had genuine face ache!

I previously have received another collection from Urban Decays Disney collaboration, The Great And Powerful Oz Palette. Where I did like it for the collector In me, actual use and colour selection of the Theodora palette was greatly reduced and not as visually pleasing as this new offering from the brand.

Alice Through the Looking Glass

The Alice Through the Looking Glass packaging in one word is “Stunning” I love it, right down to the little touches such as “were all mad here” printed on the mirror and the beautiful butterfly which flutters when you open the flaps (*insert laugh emoji) under the mirror.

The draw and surrounding prints are quite psychedelic, but hey if your going to eat and drink things to make you jump up and down in size your not going to want a basic palette are you?

Alice Through the Looking Glass

I quite like that you can remove the draw and take the shadows from the base, this makes for easy application and not the fiddle of holding a palette by the mirror and letting the eyeshadow dangle and fall all over the shop.

The shade range is wide with 20 to chose from. Including a broad range of colours with pinks, greens, browns, oranges, blues and purples. Also a selection of finishes from mattes to shimmers.

Alice Through the Looking Glass


Just looking at the image above makes me want to go play with this beauty!

The formula of these shades I do feel require an eye primer if you want to go all out and blend a bold creation together as the textures can differ from shade to shade. The shimmers are a bolder and the mattes can be a little chalky requiring some blending skills. Staying power when not used with a primer is good however the shades do not wear evenly on the lid (First world problems here people) but they still completely smash it and for a more grown up fan of both the movie and the brand this is great for both the product and finer details.


Alice Through the Looking Glass


Now on to the lipsticks, I’m not really a fan of Urban Decays current plastic packaging, it gives a cheaper feel as it quite light in the hand and hollow feeling. The Alice Through the Looking Glass lipsticks are housed in the same packaging for this collection but look better visually. The print of these lipsticks are identical to the palette which I really like. The product housed inside is great quality, the red shade “Iracebeth” is an extremely buttery matte that is powerfully pigmented and lasts well. The Nude shade “Alice” has much more of a balm consistency is sheer in colour and or though looks a flat nude in the bullet when applied to the lips has a pink pearlescentย shimmer undertone. Not great for chapped lips but is a lovely more paired down easy to wearย option from the collection.

Alice Through the Looking Glass


What do you think? Love or loathe the collection or the movie? I’m always going to love anything Tim Burton puts his name to so I a lover and definitely a lover of this beautiful collection!


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