100th Blog Post Giveaway!!!!

Well I made it to 100 posts on my blog! Im quite impressed I had so much to talk about! So to celebrate this little event Im doing a giveaway for my fabulous readers!

Im giving away a Real Techniques kit from the selection of the core, starter, travel or Duo Fibre.

The rules are simple, Ive used Rafflecopter to ensure a fair winner is selected and there is also the option to earn extra entries by following the directions bellow.

The competition will last for one week and the winner will be notified directly. 

So what are you waiting for get entering and share with your friends! Dont forget to comment with your choice!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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October Freebies…..

This month Ive gone a little crazy over the idea of freebies. Im now saving for the kids christmas presents so my normal indulgence “me” spending is reduced dramatically until the new year.

This month Ive acquired quite a few free gifts with magazines, Cosmopolitan has a 50ml sample of St Topaz instant tan. Then there is In Style Magazine and not only giving a sample sized REN skincare set but its also on offer for £2!  Glamour Magazine has an Eyeco Skinny Eyeliner (though ive only seen this free if you go to WHSmiths) and Finally Marie Claire has a L’Occitane hand cream. (I chose the violet scented one but there was also Rose, Passion Fruit and Shea Butter to chose from.)
A magazine I didn’t grab this month with a free gift is RED and it has a free This Works Moisturiser or Body Scrub.

Ive also been looking over sites such as Cloud Freebies, a great freebies site you can have a good browse on. I was able to enter a  to win a Maybelline Lipstick and print a page to take to a clinique counter to try out a two week sample of their Repairwear Laser Focus Serum. I also found links directly to Facebook for instant competition games and a sample link to a Charles Worthington Leave In Conditioner HERE. I also find this site useful for free stuff for the kids im sure I got linked to alot of the baby groups for things like weaning on this site to.

I also like to keep up with Money Saving Expert for any discount codes for places such as the Body Shop where on so many occasions Im able to get a 50% off code for their site! 
I also find great ways to boost loyalty points at places like TESCO and BOOTS both also fab for christmas shopping. There is also the added bonus of being reminded to always keep up with the latest comparisons for insurance and fuel.

So ill be on the look out for free stuff for the next few months and if I see anything great  ill be sure to share it with you all!!! 

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Bourjois Happy Light Primer Matte Review

This is one of those purchases where I was not 100% of its claims but that little voice reminded me of my no limits to rid myself of oily skin.

I managed to get hold of this from Superdrug on offer for £6.99 or though I checked tonight and its already sold out!!!

The primer appears a peach shade in the bottle but upon application it blends clear and sinks into the skin well. 
Something I like about the texture of this primer is or though its a matte finish the formula does not feel powdery when blending into the skin. In fact I felt it completely skins in and dont feel any residue on my face. (brownie points there!)
It is light and more of a serum feel. 

Another problem I commonly find with many primers is the silicone texture that provides the oil control or blurring of the pores tends to not always hit it off with my foundation. Its almost like the foundation is slipping all over the place and does not stick to my face. (not pointing any fingers “porefessinal!”)
This primer does not follow suit. I felt when i applied with my fingers the primer was gripping the foundation and gave a great surface for application.  

My pores also seem less obvious and the areas I tend to get shine first (anywhere down the centre of my face and around my mouth) get a good say 4 hours before anything begins to show through. Now this could be increased as I chose a foundation with a dewy finish which was to really put it to the test. 

I have seen a noticeable difference from applying this primer without the use of extra powder and have been very impressed with the results. The price as it is is great but full price and the volume you get for your money could be worth looking at more premium brands for just a fraction extra. With 20ml being the total formula in the jar.

All in all Im impressed with its performance and as high street primers go this is the best one ive tried of many! 

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Clinique Take The Day Off Cleansing Milk Review.

With all the smart and savvy skincare thats floating around the market at the moment I have not seen in quite some time a good old cleansing milk review. 
They are still in the shops and my mothers generation still get on quite well with them so maybe I should explain why I still like to keep one floating around my bathroom cabinet. 

Well grabbing some of this stuff and a cotton wool pad can be a whole lot quicker than a full on double cleanse before bed. 
Yes Micellar waters are way more trendy but for drier skins and remember we are in the mists of season changes a milk feels richer and more nourishing on the skin.
With the many popular waters I also feel like I drag the pad around my face harder tugging and pulling as I go. With a milk I slip over my skin and im able to massage if even quickly with a cotton wool pad as I remove it. (though I do tend to still go in with a warm flannel)

Cliniques offering ticks the boxes for me. 
Does not irritate my skin, is fragrance free, non foaming and never leaves my skin feeling tight. The only down side in the list of ingredients is it contains Shea butter which can irritate blemished skin. Luckily for me I have not felt the affects of that one! The cleansing milk also norishes the skin which is really needed when the colder weather kicks in.
If you are going to double cleanse this would be the one to go in with first. 

So there we have it, Im quite fond of a good old cleansing milk. I just ask that you try not to forget this little cleansing gem! 


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