September Favourites.

September, can you believe its over already? And still soooo warm! Only 3 months until christmas and im still getting the sunny’s out on the school run! 

Anyway for me this has been a busy month. Ethan has started pre school and is going through a series of tests for Autism. Kara is now running to everything and anything that appears remotely unsafe so without any real effort Ive been sticking to a good weight! (he he.)
My favourites this month have been more fuss free and speedy for getting my look pulled together just in time.

My first product is the TRESemme Texture Style Spray, quick easy, keep it in the handbag kind of product. I am currently also trialing the loreal offering but Im finding slightly different results with that one.
This spray adds texture without buildup, i do not have to wash and restyle my hair for the look im after and I find I can use as often as i like throughout the day without matted hair at the end of the day! 

Next up is Rimmel’s instant tan (Matte) with September being as warm as it’s been and the fact im not organised enough to apply fake tan the night before for a lasting finish. This stuff is great, quick to apply easily rubs into the skin and lasts the night! I use the fair matte formula which is perfect for my skin tone. I think this is the most flesh Ive ever had on show for september.

Lack of sleep is something ive really suffered from this month, late nights, night wakings and early mornings have given me the dark circles of a clown that has just peered through a pair of binoculars with black paint rubbed all over them! 
Bobbi Browns colour corrector has really helped me through these “dark” (ouch bad joke) times. I find you still need a concealer over the top but this like gem has become a staple of my makeup bag very quickly!!! 

Another thing ive found a great go to in the mornings is Dr Jart’s BB cream. I could not get to grips with this originally. I need more coverage and something that lasts longer. Getting 2 children as well as myself ready in the morning ive found ive just been using this instead of moisturiser in the morning as there is never any time to apply foundation. The formulation I use is for blemished  and oily skin and it does cover well. It still does not last the day though!

Finally I have used this nearly every day MACs Viva La Glam in shade 5. A fab nude that I can apply straight from the bullet and run out the door, no fuss guaranteed! I even used this on my wedding day as I find it makes me feel polished and together on more minimal makeup days.

I have to say I as surprised by a couple of the items for this month myself. Still having my legs on show at this time of year and a BB cream!! What were your september favourites? 


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ItchEZE Spray Review.

I recently received a bottle of ITCHeze spray to trial as both myself and Daughter suffer with Eczema and prickly heat.

This is product that is relatively new to me, I have not seen a product on the market before that specialises with dealing with itching, one of the worst side affects of many things from insect bites to dry skin conditions.

In hindsight if this product is affective it should be a family favourite as one of the thing you really cant stop a child from doing is scratching. (Covering them in bandages aside!) 

This formula I found was sent free, easily absorbed and didn’t leave a residue behind. I found layering the product had no affect on performance either.

Well I was able to test this out pretty quickly after Kara got a patch of eczema behind her knee which was really irritating her and yes it did work it also appeared to reduce the inflammation. The other great thing about was Kara has really sensitive skin and the smallest irritant makes her flare up much worse almost instantly. This product did not cause any reaction on my 17 month old what so ever!!! 
I did pair it up regularly with her regular moisturiser and I found this did not affect the healing time or absorption of either product.

Last week Ethan began Pre School and for some unknown reason he developed hives on his back and neck. He has never had these before and he was itching like crazy. I first gave him a bath with E45 bath ointment  to ensure if there was something still on his skin it was removed and straight after applied this spray. This could be just a coincidence but within an hour and half they were gone and they have not returned since luckily. Ethan did not itch at all after this spray was applied and rubbed in.

The science behind this product is very clever, using something called “osmocare” the spray draws water from the inner layer of the skin to the surface. This helps to reduce the itch scratch cycle which if you watch embarrassing bodies as often as I do you will know this is not a good look!

This product has been swiftly moved to our first aid box and will be repurchased once finished!!!
I have been really impressed with the results it provided for my children and Ive already suggested this to a couple of friends who’s children have had prickly heat with the warm weather we were still getting at the end of summer. Also to be noted this product is safe to use on children as young as 6 months which is great for keeping to hand in warmer weather.

Have you tried ITCHeze spray? Do you have any itching cures of your own? 


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Bobbi Browns Creamy Concealer and MAC Studio Fix Concealer reviews.

Firstly these are both two amazing concealers. They are both full coverage, have amazing shade ranges with MAC having 15 and Bobbi Brown having 14. Both are also from fantastic brands.

What I will look at first is the cost. MAC Studio Finish is £15 for 7g thats £2.14 per gram. The Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer is £18.50 for 1.4g. so £13.21 per gram. WHOOW! what a difference! You get a lot more for your buck with mac!

Next up the appearance straight away you can see the BB Concealer is creamy does not need to be heated up or moved around the brush to get a good amount of product on the face. I think this concealer would be great for dryer skins. 
The MSF Concealer requires a little more working and heating to get a good amount of product and blend into the skin. 
The MSF also has a more of a cakey look upon application however when blended sinks into the skin.

Both concealer performs well under the eyes however I feel the MSF is better suited than the BB to blemishes it has better staying power. This brand also has something called Silica which helps absorb oils most likely useful for any oily skinned gals.

Both concealers last around 4/5 hours under my eyes however MAC lasts longer on blemishes.

Both Concealers require powder to set for a lasting finish. I find patting rather swiping is better over concealer to not disturb the product under neither especially for pin point blemish concealing.

So rounding it up Id say Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer is far more for under eyes or dryer skinned types and MAC Studio Fix Concealer is a great all rounder with added benefits for oily and blemished skins.
With the cost difference per gram I would pick MAC for my every day concealing.

What is your Favourite concealer? 

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OPI Vampsterdam, My Perfect Fall Colour!!

I’ve been a fan of OPI nail varnishes for some years, their classic reds and eye popping pinks are colours that no nail collection should be without. This shade however from the Holland Collection is one that I lusted after for some time before purchasing and now I’m on my third bottle of. 

This shade is a purple/plum colour that has a raisin or wine undertone, there is also a silver frosting within the formula that requires a smooth straight stroke for a polished finish. 

Two coats of this varnish provides an opaque base that I feel serves best on a shorter rounded nail for a chic rather than witchy image.

This colour would defiantly be in my top 5 shades from the OPI range and for this season with the current plum trend, OPI lovers everywhere should be reminded of this beautiful shade and really the name alone should of had you sold from the beginning of this post!

I spotted this shade at the reduced price of £9.68 HERE on beauty Bay.

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