Hero Products………. Naked Basics Palette

The hype of this MUST HAVE palette appears to now be over and for many of its original lovers there is now dust settling on its small, simple, understated casing.

This has to be by far the most used eyeshadow palette I own. I love matte every day looks that are more low key and natural for my day to day life.
This is the go to for a few different looks and I find I can get more than just the use of layering my eye lids with this.

To begin with it would not be a review without the low down on the shades…..

(left to right) Venus, is the only shade with a hint of shimmer most suited for highlighting under your brows or the inner corner of your eyes to open them up. I do also tend to put this shade on the centre of my lid to give a pop to my finalised look.

Foxy is a neutral yellow undertone shade. This colour is great for neutralising any redness on the lid it brightens without any shimmer, is highly pigmented and blends amazingly well.

WOS or “Walk Of Shame” again is a neutral shade but has more of a pink undertone. Again has great brightening properties whilst maintaining a matte finish. 

Naked 2, a very light brown, I have also used this as a general contour when traveling with small amounts of space. It has a tan colour with ever  slight grey undertone I find perfect for detailing my crease. This blends so well like all the shade in this palette to give a soft line free finish.

Faint Again has double use for me. I can use this as a brow colour also. This is a mid brown excellent for taking deep into the eye socket for a more striking look compared with Naked 2 or of the edges of the eye lid for extra definition to the over all look.

Crave, very highly pigmented compared with the already well pigmented shades included in this set. a nearly black heading towards a carbon colour.
I find is great for lining the eye for a softer look compared with using an eyeliner. This shade also packs a great smoky eye when teamed with venus, perfect for office to bar!  

So to conclude this review, I have to say for a palette that looks so simple, flat and maybe even boring to some. It really knows how to give some great looks with quality pigmentation and clever shade choices to suit.
For a mummy like myself surviving on bed at sunrise and back up to start the day within the hour shimmer shades can really add to that had no sleep look! (which im praying is going to be “in” this Autumn/Winter)  The palette correct, defines and softens your look for the day.

 If I had a hall of fame (maybe post lottery win im planning on any day now) this would take a proud place for me!


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Nivea In shower Moisturiser review…..

This review for anyone who knows me well will know im partly doing this for my son. He has some weird obsession with the brand at the minute if we go into a shop he starts taking anything nivea off the shelves and wont leave the store till he has at least something (im currently building up on travel sized hand wash!)

This is a fairly new edition to the Nivea family aimed at making taking a shower a bit quicker and easier, quite possibly for mums like me who’s idea of a wash is quite

literally having a 2 minute rinse as stated on the popular soap and glory shower gel!

The formula does feel alot like hair conditioner in my opinion. If you are not watching what you doing more ends up in the drain than on your skin. It is designed to be used as the final step when showering so if you decide on a further 10 minutes just to ponder this will not work for you!

To sample moisturiser I first tried the formula for normal skin, and to be honest found no difference in my skin, I still needed to add moisturiser post shower as normal!
However I decided to up the anti and purchased the dry skin version. (to my sons delight of course) and I can say I felt some results post shower.

It is never going to replace a good rich body butter but for those days where you cant be bothered to go through the post shower ritual of applying, massaging and waiting to absorb before yanking on those skinny jeans (that are most likely to skinny!) this could be for you! It is not going to change your life or convert you to in shower application but I am impressed that on a morning pushed for time I can do all i need in the shower without feeling like my skin is to tight for my body!


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Alpha H Liquid Gold Review.

After seeing Mrs Hirons acne advise of channel 4 beauty and hearing much about it on her blog the beauty mouth I decided to take the plunge and purchase this apparent miracle in a bottle.

Liquid gold does not really have any gold in it but im sure you would of guessed that already. It does however have 5% glycolic Acid which if you have read my Clarins exfoliating toner review found here I explain a little more the benefits of Glycolic acid which one of them is helping reduce acne.

To use this product post cleansing I apply to both face and neck. I do this on an evening twice a week. The directions do state that liquid gold can be used every other night however as Im using the Clarins toner I dont want to go to crazy with the chemical exfoliant and thin the skin out!
I do not use a moisturiser after applying as it is said to reduce the intensity of the treatment so I dont go to crazy in the sun the day after! 

Now the results of using Liquid Gold can be seen from the first use. My skin looked refreshed, acne scarring looked ever so slightly less prominent and my pores were alot less congested. 
Last month I had around 11 under the skin large painful spots across my jaw line this month there is only 2!
My pores have not shrunk amazingly however there is a clearer tighter look to them post application.

This is single handedly the best exfoliant I have ever used! I can see and feel the difference in my skin including makeup application. I would not of named it liquid gold however as I dont feel there have been actual miracles happen to my skin. I still get new breakouts but the intensity is not of the same level.

Have you tried liquid gold? How do you rate it? 


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Liebster Awards

Last night I was tagged in Beauty R&R nominations for liebster awards. I was really impressed as I currently have a very small following and didn’t release I was viewed from across the pond.

The rules are simple

1. You must link the blogger who nominated you
2. You must answer 10 questions given to you by your nominee
3. You must choose 10 bloggers to be nominated for the award (I’ve seen some people only tag blogs with less that 20 followers and some do less than 200, so I’ll just say new or “under recognised”)
4. You must then come up with 10 questions you would like your nominees to answer.
5. Once you have done this, you must go to their blogs and let them know you have nominated them

Here are my answers to jenny’s questions…

1.) Why did you start your blog?

I started doing a blog to keep a piece of me, im currently a stay at home mother and as much as I love what im doing it is very easy to lose the person you were. Blogging opens me to a community of people that a like minded. I dont only get to express myself I get to see others expressions of themselves and I love being a part of that.

2.) What is your favourite thing about yourself?

My favourite thing about myself is my sarcastic streak, its very british humour in bedded in me from my dad. If we are talking body parts Id go with my arms, ive never seen a hint of bingo wings (thanks arms!)

3.) What is your current favourite fragrance?

Has always been Stella Macartney!

4.) What is your favourite blush?

My favourite blusher has to be MAC Peachtwist. Its the only blusher I have ever used all of and replaced.  Its a shimmer powder blush, that warms my skin. Its like a peach/coral colour that is highly pigmented. Great with a tan!

5.) Who is your style icon?

Gwen Stefani

6.) Where is your favourite place to shop?

Physically Boots but my heart goes with online shopping! I can do when the kids are in bed and I can get much better deal when impulse buying! 

7.) What’s your go-to mascara?

Clinique Lash Power, has been for around 5 years now, nothing works the same.

8.) What’s one piece of advice that you would give to your younger self?

Dont listen to the people that are judging you on what your skin looks like, you are going to accomplish so much more!!!

9.) What’s one of your must-have skincare products?

Apha H Liquid Gold, Nothing, I repeat NOTHING has made an impact on my skin like this has!

10.) What decade/era’s fashion inspires you most?  

Im a baby of the 80s and love the look, the makeup, the movies, the wannabe movies (ie wedding singer) 
Yes with out a doubt its the 80s!!!!

So here are the 10 blogs I have selected to nominate….

Bryn http://beautybasicsxx.blogspot.co.uk/ 
Laura https://www.shesaidbeauty.com/beautylovers
Gillian http://alwaysalwaysunpresentable.wordpress.com/
Beauty Wolf Girl http://wewereraisedbywolves.blogspot.co.uk/
Seraphina http://littlemisslifestyle271.blogspot.co.uk/
Sarah https://www.shesaidbeauty.com/givenmewings
Maria http://missdriftedsnowwhite.com/
Rachel http://beautyqueenuk.blogspot.co.uk/
Mayah and Sabrina http://www.callitvanity.com
Penny http://turquoiselips.webblogg.se/

These are the questions id like to ask my nominated bloggers…..

1.) Why did you start your blog?
2.) What is your favourite thing about yourself?
3.) What is your current favourite song?
4.) What is your favourite makeup brand?
5.) Who is your style icon?
6.) When is your favourite time to get ready?
7.) What’s your go-to mascara?
8.) What’s one piece of advice that you would give to your younger self?
9.) What’s one of your must-have skincare products?
10.) What decade/era’s fashion inspires you most? 

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