Pai Sample Set Review.

This morning I received a sample set of Pai skincare. I have been wanting to try this brand out for some time but the price of the products can be off putting if the product ends up not suited to you. So possibly an expensive mistake.

It was posted and received swiftly. The trial pack included……

  • x1 5ml Avocado & Jojoba Hydrating Day Cream for Dry Sensitive Skin.
  • x1 5ml Chamomile & Rosehip Sensitive Skin Cream for Hypersensitive & Redness Prone Skin.
  • x1 5ml Geranium & Thistle Combination Skin Cream for Combination and Oily Sensitive Skin.
  • x1 5ml Macadamia & Rose BioRejuvenate Cream for Age-Prone Skin.
  • x1 5ml Camellia & Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser.
  • x1 4ml Kukui & Jojoba Bead Skin Brightening Exfoliator.

  • FREE Muslin Cloth (RRP £3)

    The sample sizes all smell divine. I have really wanted to try out the Skin Brightening Exfoliator and was not disappointed.
    I tried it out this morning, I would say the sample gives you two maximum three uses. The texture was great, the beads are very small and smooth rather than large and sharp, this can cause damage your skin. My skin was left feeling sooth looking a little red but that quickly surpassed.

    The muslin cloth is really good quality I have not used yet but i will be trying out later with the hydrating cleanser.

    I have also applied the Geranium and Thistle cream for oily skin and have found no disruption in my skin. Not increased oil production and not sensitivity.

    All of these products smell amazing but without being to over powering like so many products I own.
    I am very impressed with this sample pack and will look forward to trying out the rest of the items.

    The Pai sample set is available to buy here for £5.00 with free postage.  I would advise anyone to try this set out if they fancy a dabble with Pai products.


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    New CID Cosmetics- I-Glow Review.

    New CID Cosmetics- I-Glow Review.

    New CID Cosmetics, an understated company that is available in salons, online and QVC. When asking my friends if they own anything from this brand only one person was able to say yes and that is because I gave them an I-Gloss in a shade that was far to light for my taste.

    The Brand, looking over the internet its not easy to find any information about the company. But when I emailed the company I swiftly got a polite and informed reply….

    “In 2005 Kelly and Clive Colman founded New CID Cosmetics in London. Their phenomenal business started out as the world renowned Burlingtons Boutique Hair Salon, within every Burlingtons Boutique there is a photography and make-over studio.  For over a decade these studios have been making over tens of thousands of women, this wealth of experience has been the inspiration for New CID Cosmetics.

    ‘The aim was to create a range that simplified make-up application,’ explains Director and Founder, Kelly Colman. ‘We listened to hundreds of New CID make-up artists, sharing insights they have picked up from making up real women, in fact over 60,000 women that came into our studios throughout the UK in 2012.  These women felt that make-up shopping can be overwhelming with too many fashion-led shades which aren’t always wearable or easy to apply.’

    ‘My vision was to team clever colours wrapped up in innovative packaging with colours that would enhance a women’s beauty built around the feedback we receive daily from our studios.’

    So, New CID was unveiled to fill that gap in the market. Today, it is still shaped by the experience of those make-up artists who listen to what their clients have to say about changing trends and the skin changes that we encounter as we age.”

    I really like the companies story, I am much more about wearing a product to improve the way I look over following the current seasons colour trends. I want makeup to make me look like a better version of myself not like a colour wheel explosion! 

    Anyway more about the product, this has been a staple of my makeup collection for over three years now, an item so close to my heart I wore it on my wedding day. I-Glow is available in three shades there is….

     “Ice pop” an icy pink shade,the least reflective of the three. It has a marbled affect to give multi dimensions to the face. The colours in the compact are lilac, pin, white and plum blended together over the face provide a soft understated glow to the skin. 

    The warmer toned of the three is “Coral Crush” a coral shaded highlighter that reflects warmer tones of gold. The compact is marbled with gold, peach and pink. This would suit darker skin tones.

    Finally the shade I own is “Sirocco” a soft gold which is a very natural tone on my face. The marbled affect in this compact is gold and peach, the baked setting lasts forever. 
    The texture is really soft and finely milled, I find it so easy to blend and build this product up its better than so many other highlighters I have tried. When applying I tend to use the Real Techniques setting brush so I can be precise on the areas I apply to. I apply on the tops of my cheek bones, down the centre of my nose, the centre of my chin and a little on my forehead.

    In 3 years of regular wear im only on my second one! This shade would work well on all skin tones. When blended in my skin almost looks wet in places ive applied it. I find you can layer the highlighter to give it a more intense look.

    The all theses shades are baked and set into a white pearlescent compact with a mirror. Now the colour of the compact is not the best as any spilt makeup from your makeup bag tends to stick to it. The quality of the compact is great, it has had many a knock in my bag with no signs of damage or cracking of the product. There is also a handy mirror inside, useful for on the go!

    My final note.

    This product is amazing, it lasts all day, sits wonderfully on the skin and a compact lasted me forever! You get a whopping 9g for your money and a little goes a long way so it is well worth the £24 or if you visit QVC they do deals with the brush for the same sort of price.
    Even my favourite makeup artists Pixiwoo love it. Check out their video here or their written review here

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    Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel Sample Offer and Review.

    Ginvera Green Tea Marvel Gel Sample Offer and Review. 

    I’ve been debating the purchase of this acclaimed marvel miracle for some time now. The reason I didn’t fly off my seat and purchase straight away is the cost at £22 for only 60mls. This is quite a pricey risk when I find so many products that people claim to be miracles in a jar just dont do a thing for my skin. Then what happens in my bathroom is me willing so hard for the product to work is I over use and wind up with a sore enflamed face!

    One night browsing the internet for monthly offers on skincare I came across Janiro a website that sells Ginvera and they had sample sizes of 10ml for a mere £2! So purchase made! Postage? FREE! And within 2 days my sample had arrived.

    The sample included a little information card and a sticker on the front that advises if you sign up to the site you will get 20% off your first order. Good offer!
    When I squeezed the product out of the tube it looked a boogie green colour, bright with a gel appearance. Upon application on my skin the instructions state to use with dry fingers on dry skin. (I pre cleansed my makeup off for this so I could see true results) 
    And I found it worked into the skin like a gel at first then felt like it was peeling off in white little pieces, like when you use to much moisturiser and work it into the skin to much so it all clogs up.
    After 1 minute of working it into my skin it felt dry and like there was nothing more to work with so I rinsed it off and pat my face dry.
    My skin felt FANTASTIC after, really soft and fresh not tight at all!
    I was so impressed with this product I will be buying the full size and I will buy a sample of their BB cream to try that out to (also priced at £2 with free p&p)

    I would advise anyone and everyone just to try this out and at £2 to have a go you are not risking wasting to much money! Ive already got my friends buying the sample!


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    Beauty Boxes

    Ive decided the time has come to cancel my subscription to glossybox for a while, ive not been impressed this month with there offerings at all. Im debating over Birchbox at the moment but not 100% sure which way im heading yet.

    Does anyone have a beauty box they cant live without? Any new boxes that could be worth a go? 

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