NYX Brow Eyebrow Cake Powder Review.

NYX Brow Eyebrow Cake Powder Review.

When I was at the beauty show UK last sunday every other stall on show were advertising brows. Now myself I think I still have fairly full brows, lucky I hadn’t jumped on the over plucking band wagon in secondary school but still I did have an advertisement for Mcdonalds above my eyes before I discovered tweezers.
I decided to try out getting my brows filled at one of the stalls, the one I chose was HD Brows but seriously there was many places to chose from. The lady on the stool filled my brows in using a stencil and tried to convince me to part with my cash and by the set for my brow colour. Im glad I didn’t! 
When I walked away the shape and general look of my brows were great but the colour was terrible and did not sit well with my bright red hair at all! 
So I decided that I would have a dabble with my brows myself and enter the NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder.
I decided best not to spend to much on my first brow purchase to begin with as with practicing and the abuse it would receive I thought best to get something that I would not mind wasting half of.
On the NYX stand I spotted this and I got my sister this time to match me (lucky she chose the one I thought I should be wearing)
(Me post applying minus foundation eekk!)
So now ive dabbled and I can say this is a fabulous starter set great price at £5.00 for 2 powders and a wax to help tame any strays (of which I am guilty of)
The powders I did find lasted the full day and the two different colours worked well together to help avoid that flat penciled on look. 
There are 2 brushes that come in the mini palette. A mascara style wand which i use to brush my brows and a slanted stiff brush for working the product in. 
The product was not difficult to remove with my eye makeup remover on the evening. 
I have to say as a brow novice the kit was not difficult to use. 
This is a product I would recommend to anyone wanting to try out filling their brows without emptying out their purse. It has all you need to achieve a natural full brow look.

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A Model Recommends…….HD Setting Powder.

A Model Recommends…….HD Setting Powder NYX Finishing Powder Review.

Im a big fan of Ruth Crilly and her “A Model Recommends” Blog, she really shows us not to believe the stigma attached to being a model and with the access she has to products, make up and styling I really take note of what she has to say in her reviews.
Which leads me onto this product review, now Ruth actually reviewed “Smashbox Photo Setting powder” (link here) However I have purchased a much more purse friendly alternative NYX HD Studio Photographic Finishing Powder. I actually paid £6.50 for this a the NEC Beauty Show UK last sunday however normal retail price however is £8.50 less than half the price of the Smashbox alternative.
I have been using this product every day since my purchase after applying Foundation (This week I have been using Revlon Photo Ready normal/oily skin) 
Ruth suggests that you use a fan brush to apply this product but just personal preference for me I use the Real Techniques Multitasking Brush, it collects the right amount of product and I find it does not disturb my makeup underneath during any touch ups.
I have found the texture feel different to normal translucent loose powder, its light you can see it diffusing through the air as you swipe your brush. I also think the powder feels dryer to the touch in the pot.
Once on my skin I do not see any whitening of the skin it has just disappeared leaving a slightly blurry look over my pores and I do see any uneven fading of my makeup or oiliness building up. After a full days wear I have only touched up once around lunch time and thats it! I do not look like my normal oil slick self at all. 
I think this is a great product so far! 
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Glossybox May 2013 Review

Glossybox May 2013 Review

This month celebrates the second birthday for glossybox, for me this was a free box as I had built up my Glossydots (and extra fab as arrived the day before my birthday!) 
Glossybox have been celebrating their birthday with competitions and even a party in covent garden with free box for their local fans (sob, I live in birmingham)

Right the news letter, not majorly impressed, I wish they would give a bit more input to this, for instance the mixing medium I will go onto, there could of been information on the company, examples of how the glossybox team get use out of it, I could go on and on.

The items, firstly there is Jelly Pong Pong Fairy Lashes, now I am fan of JPP already so was more than happy to see this in my box and at just the right time when my Clinique Mascara has decided no more! 
Upon trying this out it goes on glossy and give a natural finish but I did feel I needed a couple of coats to achieve a lengthy fluttery look. My lashes didn’t flake and did last till the end of the day with each use so far. My only negative is £15 is quite steep when you cant really get offers, discounts etc with JPP.

Next was a nail varnish called “Headline Colours” I received the gold shade called Glamour which is not really a colour I would wear, but with the nail art we have floating around at the moment I can still put into good use with polka dots, stripes etc. This nail polish lasted well, without a topcoat took a full day to chip, (I must add im a very hands on mummy with lots of washing up!)

The item I was least interested in was a body lotion called Stone Beauty, the packaging looked like a label i could print off my self and the sent instantly made me feel ill. I was given the sent pomegranate-noir and I have to say I did not find it remotely pleasant. The texture was nice kind of air whipped and fluffy and I also liked that this company hand make the products. The products  are not tested on animals and have no nasties in the ingredients. I think if I received a different sent I would of felt completely different but for now I will say I would not be looking to invest.
I was very interested in the next item, Beautiful Movements, Prime and Mixing Medium I saw a spoiler for this before my box came so already had my MAC pigments at the ready to test it out. For a primer I found it did not make any difference to my skin, however being an oily girl I find it hard to find primers that dont get affected by my skin. As a mixing medium it was good, the pigments mixed evenly and i didn’t notice any smudging of fading during the day. I was not really impressed with the size of the sample though. if i used daily would not last me a couple of weeks of liner alone. 

Finally what I considered the best product of the box La Roche-Posay, Anthelios SPF 50+ Dry Touch Gel-Cream This was a full size product and I found it great, love the level of SPF and found it didnt affect my skin increasing oiliness or going on my skin greasy, no stickiness, no real sent. I think this is a prefect sun protection product for me. I will be repurchasing this when I run dry! 

In all I would not say this is the best glossybox Ive had in recent months but I have found products I am impressed with and would repurchase so I think Glossybox will returning to my home for another month!

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Every things Rosie…..

Every Things Rosy…….

Last night I as in the bathroom removing a hard days graft and I noticed all the products I was using had one thing in common. The Sent. 

First item of the evening was RMKs Cleansing Balm, this was a sample I had in my March Birch box and it has lasted me some time as ive been using it on and off as more of a treat. Im mostly still undecided on my Dr Nick Lowe skin care so ive up the trial use to 2 months before I decide whether its right for me. 
Anyway this Rose sented balm is a dream, it glides onto my face, turns milky and removes every trace of makeup with a muslin cloth I use to buff the product off with. I really like got get the cloth as hot as i can manage it and breath in the sent before I start to buff away. Ive found this also does not break me out or leave my skin feeling oily and a little goes a long way. Dont get me wrong it is pretty pricey at £28 for a 100ml tub but im sure you would get around 2 months use out of this.

Next up is Natio Ageless Organic Rose Oil  I decided to buy this on a spare of the moment when I thought it was time to put Anti Ageing into my skincare routine. I can say this is really lovely to use. I pump the oil into my fingers, it does slip right through so I tend to put a small amount on and work quickly. This is when I do a mini facial on myself using movements I was taught in college. I work lightly so not to drag the skin and then just tap my fingers over my face to help pat the product in when im done. 

Finally I am currently using Elemental Herbology Cell Plumping Facial Moisturiser This sinks into my skin well even after the oil, has a wonderful rose sent that is heaver than the Natio oil and leaves my face feeling great as if the day is just beginning.  These 3 products used together layer the rose sent onto my face but not over powering it. This moisturiser ironically I received in this month Birch Box, I can assure you this is not me trying to sell Birch Box just a big coincidence that these items are rose sented. Maybe I should of just called it “Every things Birchie!”

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